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The company is committed to the development of flame retardant yarn products

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Flame retardant glass core spun yarn

[Product specifications]: 11s 14s 20.5s 26s 30s 32s

[Product packaging]:according to customer's requirements

[Main uses]: for knitting and tatting

Product Category: Flame retardant acrylic /Flame retardant viscose /Flame retardant polyester blended wrapped glass filament  
aramid fiber/Flame retardant acrylic blended wrapped glass filament  
Flame retardant acrylic /Flame retardant viscose common blended yarn  
product features: high Flame retardant, high strength, high temperature resistant, wear resistant, etc. Suitable for mattress covers, knitted jerseys, Flame retardant barriers, carpets, fireproof working clothing, military textiles, etc.


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